Penumbra is home for news, views and resources to do with climate change. It is not exhaustive, or even highly detailed; it serves more to sketch in broad brushstrokes the vast landscape of climate change, and writing about climate change, covering a wide range of subjects and fields, drawing on the knowledge of experts and enthusiasts alike.

There are contributions from many others here, most of whom have given freely of their time and advice, but the original idea comes from me, Paul Edmunds, whose only qualification in the field is a 25-year old Master’s dissertation concerning Deep Ecology and artmaking. It was a tenuous connection even then, and one of those things born of a liberal university environment. Other than that, I am merely an enthusiastic conversationalist with a catholic taste in books. I like all animals, even humans.

If it looks like an artwork or some design, I probably did it. See more of that here.

Vanity dictates I use an old photo.

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