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Burning Planet is the Daily Maverick‘s dedicated climate change journalism section, featuring both opinions and investigative reporting.

Climate Change News What it says on the box.

Climate Crocks Yes, some climate change deniers and bloopers here, but always interesting news in an informative and accessible voice.

Heated A launchpad for Emily Atkin’s US-based climate change journalism which is quite, erm, fiery and always very readable. A regular newsletter alerts you to new features.

Nasa’s blog. Always interesting.

Nature magazine’s dedicated climate change section. News-y, science-y, fascinating.

Yale Environment 360 The university’s Yale School of the Environment site. News, opinions etc and nicely organised in topics like Energy, Agriculture, Biodiversity etc.


350 You likely wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know about Bill McKibben’s 350, the organisation he founded to address climate change primarily through opposition to fossil fuels. ‘350 is building a future that is just, prosperous, equitable and safe from the effects of the climate crisis’, in their words.

Abalimi Bezekhaya Cape Town-based NGO that seeks to alleviate poverty and hunger by supporting small scale urban agriculture.

The Centre for Environmental Rights NGO comprising lawyers and activists working in the area of environmental justice. They are the bunch who brought a halt to Jacob Zuma’s nuclear ambitions.

Earthlife Africa Home of the prominent South African NPO, working on environmental and social justice.

Fossil Free South Africa Home of local campaign for divestment. See my interview with co-ordinator David Le Page here.

Greenpeace Africa HQ of Greenpeace Africa. If I have to tell you, you won’t understand.

Greenpeace International They started with the sea and now they’re coming for the rest.

Grist A non-profit, again, largely featuring news and opinion. And pretty nice to look at, which is rare in this corner of the web.

GroundUp News agency publishing in the area of social and environmental justice.

Inside Climate News Pulitzer Prize-winning non-profit, non-partisan news organisation dedicated to covering climate change, energy and the environment.

IPCC It’s the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change’s website, stupid!

JustShare South African non-profit shareholder activism and responsible investment organisation. They use advocacy, engagement and activism to support active ownership and responsible investment, focussing on the intersection between inequality, climate change, and diversity and transformation in corporate SA.

Oranjezicht City Farm Home of my local urban farm, and partner organisation to the SA Urban Food and Farming Trust

Real Climate You can’t swing a cat without hitting someone saying ‘Listen to the Science!’ these days. Well, here’s some climate science, by climate scientists.

Resilience Energy, economy, environment, news, views, podcasts, online courses and tools. There’s a lot there!

Sunrise Movement The kids in America, taking it to the streets. Apparently they were instrumental in the recent re-election to senate of Ed Markey who defeated, for the first time ever, a Kennedy also campaigning for the post. Markey was a sponsor of The Green New Deal.

The World Health Organisation‘s section on climate change. I guess this seems a whole lot more interesting now.


The Sun Exchange This Cape Town-based organisation sources and evaluates potential solar electricity projects, then crowdsells the panels to punters who derive an income from the electricity generated by their panels. Or, put simply ‘universal peer-to-peer solar cell leasing’. Payments in Rands or bitcoin.

Urban Mobility Company Home of Ross Douglas’ Paris-based company and annual expo which explores solutions addressing the congestion, pollution and ultimately carbon emissions of urban transport. It’s well worth subscribing to the weekly newsletter.


Alliance for Wild Ethics Centred around what I would call the visionary work of philosopher and cultural ecologist David Abram, the site features essays by him and several other kindred spirits, seeking to ‘ease the spreading devastation of the animate earth through a rapid transformation of culture’. It sounds pantsy, I know, but contains some very powerful writing about what it feels like and means to be a human at this juncture. A kind of ecological phenomenology, if you like.

Dark Mountain A growing project that started life as a manifesto and now results in a published book every year. Peopled by a changing cast of writers, artists and activists.

Penumbra See what I did there?

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